This course is designed to provide an introduction to the features and architecture of the TeleForm system.
It includes instruction on installation, deployment, day-to-day use, and administration of the TeleForm system as well as all aspects of the modules within the system from designing forms to capture, processing,
verification and export.

1) Introduction – About this Course

2) TeleForm System Overview

3) Setting up and Installing the Solution

4) TeleForm Templates

5) Scan Station

6) Reader

7) Verifier

8) Verifier Advanced

9) Form Design

10) Advanced Attributes

11) Recognition and Data Validation

12) Capture Zone Design

13) Auto Export Setup

14) VersiForms

15) Existing Forms

16) Multi-page Forms

17) Automating Document Capture

18) Automerge Publisher

19) Configuring Automated Services

20) Image Capture Configuration

21) Additional TeleForm Configurations

22) Installing Other Capture Solutions

23) Managing Security

24) Control Center

25) Reporting and Analysis